5 Healthy Meals for the Lazy Cook

5 Healthy Meals for the Lazy Cook on blog.fit2gomeal.com

Quick and fit recipes for those on the go

It’s a common misconception that eating healthy takes time. Rather, eating healthy requires preparation. There are plenty of life hacks to help you maintain your diet while also creating healthy, tasty meals in a limited amount of time –and ideally with as few ingredients as possible. If quick, healthy meals are what you’ve been seeking, then the following healthy meals may be for you.

1. Frozen fruit in smoothies

Smoothies make for the perfect, quick and nutrient-friendly breakfast. Yet many people find it tough to use up all the fruit they bought in the few days that it stays fresh. That’s where frozen fruit comes in! If you want to make smoothies without the effort and price tag, frozen fruit is your friend. Add milk, yogurt, or keep it simple with ice and water (to create the liquid base), pour in your fruit and voila! Breakfast is served.

If you’re feeling adventurous, add some protein powder or a few greens (frozen, of course) and you have a hearty breakfast waiting for you. Best of all, you can make a large smoothie at the beginning of the week and leave the rest in the freezer until it’s needed.

2. Avocado toast

The simplicity of avocado toast might give smoothie-making a run for its money. You mash up the avocado…and lay it on some toast (or Ezekiel bread if you want to eat extra clean). If you’re feeling frisky, add a tomato or a few chili flakes for a metabolism boost and you have a flavorful and filling breakfast, lunch, or afternoon snack ready to go.

3. Roasted chicken

Yes, that’s it, a roasted chicken. Not only will the whole chicken last you for a full week (and maybe longer) but it’s cheaper than buying chicken breasts! Cook it at the beginning of the week and separate it into Tupperware for the week’s lunch. Best of all, there are several ways to spin up your chicken. Add the breast to a salad, eat the drumsticks with a side of broccoli, or make it into a sandwich. Once you’ve cut up all the meat, there is virtually no prep to making that chicken evolve over the week’s meals.

4. Five-ingredient chili

This chili recipe checks all the boxes on your perfect meal: it has a short list of ingredients, it’s packed with protein and healthy flavors, and it’s painless to make. All you need is ground beef or turkey, one white onion, diced tomatoes, canned beans (black, kidney, pinto, whatever you prefer) and chili powder. Add the ingredients individually, spread out over a few minutes, and stir often. In 20 minutes, you’ll have a hearty, balanced meal that makes perfect leftover lunches.

5. Turkey burgers

All you need is 10 minutes. Mix together ground turkey, salt and pepper and some garlic powder with your hands and cook the patties on a nonstick skillet, heated with some olive oil. Cook the burger about three minutes on each side or until evenly browned and you’re ready to go. Serve on a bed of greens or with a baked potato.

Those who say they don’t have time to eat healthy are using it as an excuse. If you want to eat healthy, there are ways to prepare a whole week’s worth of meals in just a few hours. However, if you still don’t think you have a few hours to go to the store and pack up your meals (or you simply don’t want to), then you won’t find any excuse with Fit2Go.

Fully customizable to fit your lifestyle, Fit2Go will deliver diet-friendly meals to your doorstep to keep you fully equipped to tackle your workweek. Check out our menu options and stay in shape with Fit2Go.

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