Dessert Hummus: A Sweet Spin on an Old Classic

Dessert Hummus: A Sweet Spin on an Old Classic on

Hummus is no longer just for your veggies

Dessert hummus is here – the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth without all the guilt.

Key article takeaways:

  • Traditional hummus is a popular food item
  • Dessert hummus may a little strange, but it’s delicious
  • Traditional hummus is made with savory ingredients, it’s nutrient-pack, and sales are booming
  • Dessert hummus was introduced during an episode of Shark Tank
  • Dessert hummus is made with chickpeas and other sweet ingredients
  • Many flavors of dessert hummus are available
  • Dessert hummus is healthy in moderation – and if the sugar levels are monitored

There’s no arguing that hummus is a superhot food item right now. It’s on almost every restaurant menu, in every grocery store, and in almost every refrigerator across the U.S., The beautiful thing about hummus is that it’s healthy and pairs well with almost everything – it’s great with pita chips, dipped with veggies, on sandwiches, mixed with chocolate or vanilla.

That’s right – we said it. Hummus can be mixed with chocolate, vanilla, and a multitude of other sweet flavors. This sweet, protein-packed variety is called dessert hummus, and it’s quickly catching up to its savory counterpart in the hummus popularity contest.

So, how did our beloved chickpea dip make the transition from savory to sweet? Is dessert hummus actually healthy? Can we indulge in this new type of sweet treat without the dreaded dessert guilt?

You have questions; we have answers. Here is a look at some of the most commonly asked dessert hummus questions.

What is hummus?

Traditional hummus is a Mediterranean dip or spread made from chickpeas, tahini, lemon, olive oil, and garlic. The preparation is simple, and therefore it can be jazzed up with other savory flavors and made in different consistencies. Some prefer their hummus smooth; others like it on the chunkier side.

Hummus has become an increasingly popular food item over the years, with sales rising from less than $10 million in the late 1990s to between $700 million and $800 million as of last year.

Chickpeas, the main ingredient in hummus, pack a serious health punch, and according to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences, those who consume it tend to be healthier overall.

Okay, so what is dessert hummus?

Dessert hummus came on the scene in 2017 during an episode of “Shark Tank.” Entrepreneur Makenzie Marzluff boldly presented her vegan, gluten-free, low-sugar, chickpea-based dessert that she claimed tasted like cookie dough. After the sharks sampled the novel treat, she received $600,000 in funding for her dessert hummus company, Delighted By. Since then, her company and the dessert hummus industry have taken off.

Dessert hummus, while called hummus, has only one ingredient in common with the original savory variety: chickpeas. Instead of tahini, lemon, and olive oil, dessert hummus includes sweet ingredients like vanilla bean, cocoa powder, and cinnamon. Some describe it as a dessert dip or a healthy cake frosting.

Various flavors have included the following:

  • Snickerdoodle
  • Brownie Batter
  • Vanilla bean
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough
  • Red velvet

Some think of dessert hummus as a safe, guilt-free way to satiate their sweet tooth, but is it actually healthy?

Is dessert hummus healthy?

Yes! But in moderation. While dessert hummus and traditional hummus share the same protein-packed, nutrient-rich main ingredient (chickpeas), it’s the other ingredients in dessert hummus you need to pay close attention to, like added sugars.

That said, dessert hummus is a much better alternative to cake frosting or edible cookie dough. The fiber and protein will help make you feel satisfied after consuming less, and it’s a great way to curb those late-night dessert cravings by using fruit as your dipper.

A good rule of thumb when buying dessert hummus in the grocery store is to pay close attention to the nutrition label. It’s best to choose a brand with less than five grams of added sugar per serving. You can even make your own version at home!

What can you do with dessert hummus?

Aside from just eating it with a spoon? A lot, actually. Here are a few ideas to help kick your dessert hummus up a notch:

  • Frosting on top of cupcakes, brownies, and cakes
  • Topping for toast, pancakes, and waffles
  • Combined with banana for sandwiches
  • Topped with nuts, chocolate chips, or sprinkles
  • A great dip for pretzels, fruit, graham crackers, cookies, and more

In conclusion

While the idea of dessert hummus may sound weird or unnatural, especially for those tried-and-true traditional hummus veterans, we urge you to give it a shot. Once you clear your mind of what you think hummus should taste like, you’ll be able to surrender yourself to the taste of brownies, cake batter, cookies, and banana bread, all with the protein and fiber of its beloved savory counterpart. A win-win!

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