Family Fitness: How to Get Your Family Involved

Family Fitness: How to Get Your Family Involved on

It’s time to get fit with the whole family this summer

Family fitness is the motivation to encourage yourself and your family members to become healthier versions of themselves.

  • Motivates you to be your best — as well as others
  • Provides accountability. If you have others depending on you to get their workout in, you’re going to be encouraged to get moving, too.
  • Aids in teaching children by example. This will set them up for a healthier future.
  • Is fun! Check out our tips for getting fit below.

Goodbye days of solo workouts alone at the gym. Why work out alone if you can get the whole family in on the fun? After all, you care about their well-being as well. It’s only natural that you want to be healthy enough to be there for them throughout the years, but it’s also normal to hope for that in return.

Teaching kids, by example, is one of the best ways they can learn. They will never forget the effect you have on them as their parents, guardians, aunts, uncles, siblings, grandparents, or whatever you may be to them. But, instead of just telling kids to be healthy, we encourage you to walk the walk — literally.

Here are a few fun and affordable ideas for getting the kids involved:

  • Water balloon fights. When the weather outside is scorching, get the kids outdoors anyway. Kids love being outside as long as they’re cool, and a water balloon fight is just the trick to get them going regardless of the heat. They will get a chance to run, throw, and improve hand-eye coordination.
  • Walk around the block. It’s simple. Grab the kids, the dog, and some sneakers for an easy workout. If you feel up to it, turn your walk into a speed walk or a light jog to serve as a cardio booster.Team sports. Those who have larger families or who host larger get-togethers around the holiday might benefit from a few team sports. They are great for team building, they teach kids to compromise, and they are great for the body.
  • Camping and hiking. Nothing beats a good camping trip. You get to hike to your spot, set up camp, and spend time together in nature’s playground. It’s a great learning opportunity for kids to understand how nature works. It can be both peaceful and full of activity at the same time.
  • Swimming. With summer set to be in full swing in no time, there’s no better way to get fit with than at the pool, river, lake, or beach! You’ll create unforgettable memories while diving into some excellent aerobic and strength building exercises.
  • Skating. This year, the ’90s are in — and along with the ’90s comes one of the biggest fitness crazes of the time: inline skating. Whether you’re ready to tackle the inline skates again or you decide to stay traditional with roller skates, this is a great way to spend a day with the family.

Getting fit and staying fit with your family: one step at a time

When it comes down to it, no one has your back like family. They are the ones who were there when you came into this world, and they will love you throughout your entire time here. It is important to build a connection with family members while doing something productive. Some families cook together; others play music together. But some of the best family bonding takes place while being active!

Being active isn’t the only way to encourage your family members to be their healthiest, though. Eating well is another piece of the puzzle. Eating healthy foods and finding out the right diet for your body, your workout style, and your schedule is another important step.

Eating well is easier than ever with Fit2Go

When you’re working out, you’re going to be hungry. The last thing you want to do is pull up to the nearest drive-thru fast food joint to satisfy your hunger. Keep your family fitter than ever with customized meal plans, delivered straight to you.

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