It’s Time to Hit the Pool with a New Perspective on Resistance Training

It’s Time to Hit the Pool with a New Perspective on Resistance Training on

Get ready for a strong core

Most people don’t think resistance training is for them. For those who aren’t athletes or naturally athletic, resistance training can sound like a boring or otherwise unnecessary training technique that should be saved for the pros.

That’s a common misconception, though. Resistance training is a step in the right direction for those who are looking for fun and creative ways to build muscle, strength train, or just tighten their bodies before summer hits.

Incorporating resistance training into your routine can improve your strength, along with your overall well-being.

Building muscle has more benefits than you might expect

As it turns out, having more muscle is better for you than fat. No surprise there. But, some of the reasons why might be surprising to you. Studies show that muscle can help your metabolism maintain itself better. In other words, muscle helps your metabolism burn more calories than fat does — meaning you’ll burn more calories in an active or even idle day just by having more muscle on your bones.

Plus, you might think that cardio is the only way to getting a healthy heart, but that’s not the case. While cardio is an excellent way to work on your heart health, strength training is an additional way to improve cardiovascular health.

What is resistance training?

The term “resistance training” is often used interchangeably with “weight training.” The two terms differ slightly, though, as weight training assumes that weights will be used.

Besides pools, other forms of resistance training include using medicine balls, your own body weight, resistance bands, and more. While these methods might be successful at growing and maintaining muscle strength, they can take a greater toll on your joints than swimming can.

Why swimming is a great choice for anyone:

Swimming is a remarkable exercise that tends to be underrated. It helps build strength and positively impacts cardiovascular health as well. It is naturally cooling to the body, so you don’t get overheated while exercising.

Furthermore, swimming is widely celebrated as a low-impact exercise. Many people struggle with inflammation, pain, arthritis, and other difficulties that make exercising an extra challenge. That’s why doctors recommend low-impact training, such as biking or swimming, to help improve your health without adding to the pain you’re already suffering.

Running, jogging, and even walking can be painful for people suffering from arthritis, inflammation, or other forms of pain. Every time your heel strikes the ground, there’s an impact — even if it’s a light one. With swimming, however, your body is never striking the ground. Your body moves effortlessly and weightless in a body of water, making it a great option for those looking for a low-impact exercise that makes a big impact on overall health.

If you can swim, you can resistance train.

What pools work best?

Infinity pools are known as excellent choices for resistance training. Pools that have a built-in current-producing motor are successful training tools. However, a normal pool can be used, too. Employing “aquacise” techniques or incorporating the use of paddles, a t-shirt, buckets, bands, and buckets can all assist in pool resistance training. That being said, we do not suggest the use of attaching weights to your body while swimming in a pool due to the potential for danger.

Training is only one piece of the puzzle

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A healthier body mass index (BMI) is right around the corner with healthy eating habits and resistance training on the menu.

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