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Meet Kara Burnstine on

Fit2Go is partnering with dietitian Kara Burnstine to offer Lunch+Learns throughout South Florida.

Fit2Go is excited to introduce a new partnership that will enhance our service and commitment to delivering healthy, delicious and satisfying meals to our customers throughout South Florida. As a registered dietitian, Kara Burnstine has a lifelong commitment to helping people enjoy better health and live healthier lives through proper nutrition counseling.

Nutrition your weigh

Kara is the founder of Nutrition Your Weigh, which offers private, professional nutritional education and counseling to help individuals get healthier, lose weight, and manage chronic conditions such as Type II diabetes and high cholesterol.

“I started a private consulting practice to educate people about sound nutrition and wellness and help those who want a happy balance between eating well and enjoying life,” Kara says.

Many people want to eat healthier, but they lack the tools and knowledge to make better choices when it comes to their diets. Good nutrition labels can be confusing and even misleading. Kara has an answer to help clear up the misconceptions. “We go to grocery stores and learn how to shop. We go through pantries and refrigerators. We cook together, we laugh, we cry, and we listen.”

The key to Kara’s success is providing motivation and behavior modification to help people meet their individual health goals. She counsels clients one-on-one or in a group setting. Kara also presents nutrition and wellness workshops to businesses, health spas, and community centers.

“As a brand, I am most proud of my personal service I provide to each unique client to help them find their balance with food and nutrition. We eat or don’t eat for so many reasons other than the mere fact that we feel physical hunger. I work on strategies to overcome those obstacles so that the end result is a lifestyle change rather than a yo-yo game,” Kara says.

Schedule a Lunch+Learn

Fit2Go is excited to offer Lunch+Learn for companies, clubs and associations, community centers, and other organizations. These events provide a delicious healthy lunch provided by Fit2Go along with an onsite lecture where Kara Burnstine shares her expertise on nutrition, wellness, and leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Available Lunch+Learn topics include:

• Best Nutrition Apps

• Setting Smart Goals

• Top 10 Healthy Brain Foods

• The Skinny On Fats

• Put Spice in Your Life (spices that can keep you healthy)

• Swap This for That

• The Carb; Friend or Foe

• Practice Eating Mindfully

Contact us today to schedule a Lunch+Learn.

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