Team Sports Can Impact Overall Health

Team Sports Can Impact Overall Health on

Here’s why team players are stronger mentally, physically, and socially

Team sports can be a great motivator for staying physically fit with friends and teammates. They all work toward boosting your mood, empowering our mind and body and building a strong sense of community. Team players are more driven (and supported) to succeed because their contribution to the game could mean the difference between winning and losing for the whole team.

When you’re a team player, you’re part of something bigger than yourself. Let’s examine how that equates to pushing our physical limits, honing our focus and developing our socio-emotional self.

Team sports and a better body

You’re probably aware of what exercise does for your body: stronger muscles, improved cardiovascular function, increased appetite, and better sleep to name only some. Facing your limits in the gym, at the track, or on the yoga mat builds your character as much as your body.

The power of one becomes many when you take part in a team sport or communal exercise. One study showed that test subjects who took part in communal fitness saw physical, mental, and emotional scores increase along with a big drop in their stress levels. Training in the company of like-minded people means we benefit from their motivation and their good vibes.

Besides, humans are a naturally competitive bunch. You won’t want to just put one over on the other guys; you may want to prove to your team that you’re the MVP. It’s all positive and healthy competitive drive.

How team sports empower the mind

How does boosted mental focus, enhanced intellectual capacity and maybe even more money at your job sound? Sounds healthy to us! There are some big gains for your mind when you take part in a team sport because exercise can pump up your brain.

Areas like the hippocampus, prefrontal, and medial temporal cortexes have been proven to increase in size. This means being a team player improves learning, verbal memory, sleep patterns, and overall mood. Our minds get the best results when we’re held accountable for our progress; it’s all too easy to slack off when you’re on your own.

We learn to think beyond ourselves and become leaner mental machines when we play with a team. We think and act to the best of our abilities for the good of our teammates, not to mention how our brains benefit from learning to strategize as a unit and think fast on the field. There’s a reason that successful businesses look to the psychology of team sports to stay sharp and ahead of the competition.

The social-emotional gains of playing a team sport

The socio-emotional benefits provide the most wins on the team sport’s play sheet. First off, humans are communal creatures and cooperation for the common good is hard-wired into us. Just being around and working with others can make us healthier by combatting loneliness and the harsh effects of isolation.

If we get into team sports at a young age, then our childhood becomes a great foundation for success in the future. Team playing in the formative years can teach kids some valuable perspective in areas they typically struggle in such as selflessness, patience, problem-solving and decision-making, and taking responsibility. Of course, the promotion of shared values and mutual respect are excellent lessons at any point in life.

Sports specialists emphasize the moral element of being a team player. You’re not just out for your own gain; you’re a part of something bigger than yourself. Your focus is on those around you get to the winner’s podium, and you’ll do what you must to make sure they get there. Sports encourage proper social behavior and an awareness that if you don’t follow the rules, you’re going to be penalized.

Following the rules promotes emotional regulation. We all lose our temper from time to time and feel a situation is unfair. When a decision goes against us on a team playing field, we learn to keep our cool and stay on-goal. That’s the kind of self-control which translate with 100 percent effectiveness to every other area of our life from jobs to personal relationships.

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