The Importance of Mobility Training in Your Workout

The Importance of Mobility Training in Your Workout on

Incorporating mobility training into your workout routine will unleash a lot of potential

Working on mobility is the key to lifelong agility and injury prevention. With mobility training, you’ll increase your longevity as you exercise. It will also help you to get the most benefit out of the other fitness programs you do, whether it’s gaining muscle or burning fat.

If you work out a lot without mobility training, you are more likely to develop training injuries, which can keep you off your routine for months.

Mobility exercises can also help you break through weight loss plateaus and help you improve your overall health. There really is no reason not to include this form of exercise in your routine!

What is mobility?

Simply put, mobility is the range of motion of the muscles. When a ballerina lifts her leg, or a gym trainer does a pull-up, they are utilizing the full range of motion for their limbs.

Mobility encompasses the strength and control you have over your joints and muscles. For example, if you have trouble with mobility, you may find it difficult to lift your legs without the assistance of your arms.

It is important to stress the benefits of mobility because many people train for strong muscles without building their mobility – which doesn’t result in good overall body strength.

You can harness the power of your joints, tendons, connective fascia, and muscular system by practicing mobility work regularly.

Important benefits of mobility

Mobility is a key indicator of overall health. Anyone who does not have a good range of motion in their joints is at an increased risk, and this risk grows with time as we age.

Here are the primary benefits of incorporating mobility work into your regimen:

1.  Decreases injury rate

This is by far the most important benefit of mobility practice. If you are lifting weights or doing any other type of body training, you need to have strong joints. They should be able to follow through on the full range of motion, giving you the maximum benefit for the workouts you’re doing.

If you don’t have good mobility, your body will endure stress. Muscles will overcompensate for weaker areas, and you’ll end up with an imbalance or painful strain.

Joints that are unrestricted and mobile are the best medicine for preventing injuries and problems.

2.  Maintains healthy joints

The science behind mobility exercises reveals that there is more than just a “warm-up” happening when you do them. Actually, mobility stretches and movements move blood and synovial fluid from the tissues to your joints.

Synovial fluid is the fluid that helps our joints glide without grinding against each other. Doing a mobility routine before working out moves this fluid to the joints and helps prepare them for exercise.

Hydrating your joints with mobility work will result in less injury and more functional joints.

3.  Builds strength

Mobility is also indirectly tied to our strength-building abilities. Think of it this way: can you really get the most benefit out of a squat if you can only take the bar down to just above your knees? What about all the burn you get from a deep goblet squat?

Without mobility, you won’t get the full benefits of your strength training because you won’t be able to follow through with your sets.

This applies to most exercise. Get the most benefit from them by using the full range of motion in each rep.

4.  Easy to incorporate

Thankfully, mobility work is easy to incorporate into your existing fitness routine. Mobility exercises pack a big punch – they are quick, easy, and effective.

To give you a point of reference: a full upper or lower body mobility routine can be accomplished in as little as 5-10 minutes.

It’s a great option for warming up and getting your body ready for exercise.

Mobility exercises are also easy to do at home or on the go. Most mobility work can be done with bodyweight only, which means you don’t have to worry about getting to the gym early or paying for access.

Just do a quick and simple routine to get your mobility on track before each workout.

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