Three Workouts to Help You Tone Up for Summer

Three Workouts to Help You Tone Up for Summer on

Three workouts to get your body bikini ready for summer.

Are you prepared for summer? Spending the day on the beach, lounging in the hot sun, surfing, and eating any juicy salads or smoothies you can get your hands on. We know the drill.

Staying fit and healthy is important all year round, but sometimes we need that extra push to get our bodies bikini ready. Have you started your bikini body prep yet? By combining full body dynamic exercises, you have a 20-minute workout routine that targets all the areas you want to show off.

When you think of bikini-clad bodies lounging on the South Florida beach, the first thing you picture is sexy and toned abs. Strong abdominal muscles aren’t just sexy, though – they have a true purpose for our body!

A strong core helps your everyday life. It keeps you balanced, improves your posture, and helps protect your organs. Plus, it helps reduce chronic back pain.

Toned arms and strong legs are the next parts of a body we think you’ll notice at the beach. Strong legs and arms will help keep you fit and healthy.

So, get your playlist ready as we go flat out for 20 minutes.

Salute the sun insanity – 5 minutes

Incorporating some yoga sequences into your daily exercise routine has many benefits. Yoga poses are fabulous for toning your entire body, helping blood flow, and calming the mind.

We’ve taken an ordinary sun salutation (which we think you should do at a leisurely pace every day) and made it a cardiovascular funhouse. This is not the gentle yoga you’re used to. You’ll want to do these sun salutations non-stop for 5 minutes to keep the blood pumping and wake your body up.

Stand at the top of your yoga mat, feet together. Raise your hands into the air and, bending at the hip, place them on the floor beside your feet.

Rise to a flat back position, hands brushing just below your knees, and drop back down. Plant your hands firmly beside your feet and hop back to a high plank position. Hold here – this is the longest break you’ll get in our sun salutations – for 10 seconds.

Keeping your elbows in close, lower your body down to the floor, holding your weight the entire time. We don’t want you just dropping. Chaturanga.

Head up and looking straight ahead, raise your chest up off the floor into cobra pose.

Return to Chaturanga briefly before sending your hips high into the air, hands, and feet firmly on the ground – downward facing dog.

Hold briefly before hopping your legs forward to meet your hands, then raise your body and hands up, returning to starting position.

This is a super-fast sequence, no stopping in between repeats. We want your heart rate up! Repeat these steps 12 times.

Kickbox craze – 10 minutes

We’ve put together this cardiovascular workout designed to raise your heartbeat and target your legs and arms. No weights are required at all, but you can add in dumbbells if you want to.

Four minutes boxing: Starting in a boxer’s stance (one leg stepped back with the foot turned out, arms up, guarding your face, and body slightly turned the direction of your foot) we’re going two full minutes boxing. Now we will switch to double arm punches. Starting with the boxer’s stance, whichever foot is forward, that same hand leads with a short jab, your backhand will then punch through as your whole body turns forward. Hop and switch sides after two minutes. Repeat your double arm punches for another two minutes.

Four Minutes Kicking: Now we’re going to target the legs. While in your boxer’s stance, move your back leg forward to hold your weight. Now your front leg can kick out in front of you. Step down and back. Repeat this for 2 minutes before switching sides.

2 Minutes High Knees: Repositioning to a square stance – knees a slightly more than hip-width apart, toes facing forward. Next, we’ll do some high knees. Lift your left knee up, bring both hands over to meet it, and down. Repeat on the right side.

Crunch madness – 5 minutes

A strong, healthy core takes more than a few boring crunches. That’s why we’ve put together this 5-minute crunch workout that targets every muscle in your core and gets your heartbeat pumping. You’ll be showing off your svelte look in no time.

Sequence 1: Lie flat on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Begin with 30 seconds standard crunches. Then continue to 30 seconds of sit-ups.

Sequence 2: Still lying on your back, raise your left leg and bend it so that your left ankle is on your right knee. Begin with 30 seconds right elbow to left knee crunch. Swap the position of your legs and go for 30 seconds left elbow to right knee crunch.

Sequence 3: Put both feet flat on the floor, keeping your knees bent. Start with 30 seconds bridge raises, lifting your butt off the floor and raising your pelvis to the ceiling, lower back down. Repeat. Followed by 30 seconds of side to side crunches. You will hover your arms just off the floor. Reach your hands down towards your feet, crunching left side to right side.

Sequence 4: Lie flat on your back and lift your knees up towards your chest, feet pointing in the air. Now we will do one-minute of reverse crunches. In this position, rock your hips up towards your shoulders, lifting your butt off the floor. This one’s tough, but you can do it! To modify this move, you can bend your legs to a 90-degree angle.

Sequence 5: Raise your knees so your calves are parallel with the floor. Now we will do one-minute bicycle crunches. You will bring your right elbow while bending your left knee until they meet, keeping your right leg out straight. Then reverse, left elbow to right knee, left leg out. Repeat; this looks like you’re riding a bicycle.

There you have it! Twenty minutes to bikini body ready. Don’t forget, all the exercise you’re putting into your new bikini body needs to be balanced with proper dies. At Fit2Go, we adapt to your lifestyle. You can customize fresh, first-rate food every day and have portion-controlled perfection delivered to your door. To learn more, you can send us any queries, requests or suggestions or browse our menu online.

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