Working at a Desk? Try These Quick Exercises to Stay in Shape at the Office.

Working at a Desk? Try These Quick Exercises to Stay in Shape at the Office. on

You’ll feel alive at your 9 to 5 when you devote a little office time to your physical health.

Anyone who exercises knows even the most gym-loving person can struggle at times. We understand why the notion of exercising while you’re already at work can seem overwhelming!

Regular motion is necessary to remain strong. There’s a serious lack of motion in our daily lives with the average person spending 12 hours a day sitting. Simply standing more at work can increase your bone density and boost your brainpower.

There are plenty of exercises you can do at work to keep yourself healthy. We’ve put together some of the best, and you won’t need any equipment (well, maybe a water bottle). Before you try them, always consult your physician before attempting any form of exercise. Nobody knows better than you and your medical advisor what’s best for your health.

Exercises for fingers, hands, and arms

Inflamed tendons, swollen or stiff joints, and strained muscles can result from constant typing alone. These slow and gentle motions can help you fight off these negative effects:

•  Fingers – Extend your arms in front of you, palms outward. Gently move your fingers back toward your body while keeping your arms still. This will help stretch out your forearm Using your free hand to pull back on your other fingers will stretch the fingers and palm.

•  Arms – Making use of a little weight resistance can work wonders for your arm muscles. Got a bottle of water handy? Use it as a dumbbell curl for either arm by sitting with your back straight and your arm by your side. Bring the bottle upwards slowly toward your shoulder and back to your side. Aim for 10-15 repetitions of the exercise on each side.

•  Alternatively, raise your arm upward and bend your elbow until your hand is level with your head, then repeat. This works your triceps and will benefit from a little extra oomph from a water bottle.

Exercises for your shoulders and midsection

A slow rolling backward and forward helps to loosen tight shoulders, with each direction repeated 10 times. Does your space allow room for push-ups? If so, they’re a great way to strengthen your shoulders, chest, arms, and core. Go for 10, as slowly up and down as you can manage. Feel free to modify these if you need to.

A stable office chair is a good aid to working your abs. Hold the sides of your chair while leaning back slightly. From there, extend your legs at 45 degrees and bring your knees up into your body. Return to the starting position and don’t let your feet touch the floor.

You can mix up this ab crunch by cycling your feet mid-air as if on an exercise bike. You’ll feel a positive burn either way.

Exercises for legs

The legs are your biggest muscles, so don’t let them wither under a desk. Standing at regular intervals helps as does any time you can walk at work, be that around your desk, up and down stairs, or parking a little further from the entrance.

Standing and gently lowering to a squat position for 10-15 reps is not only good for the legs, but it also tones up the buttocks, too. Standing straight and raising slowly to your tiptoes, then back down will give your calves a beneficial stretch.

You can extend the thigh muscles by sitting back straight in your chair. Place your feet together (or use one at a time) and lift them slowly up to waist level, hold for a few seconds, then lower slowly to the floor.

Try leaning on your desk and gently lifting your heel upwards as near to your buttocks as you can manage. This is a great stretch for the back of your legs while putting very little pressure on your knees.

If you’re considering some office exercise, always make sure that any chairs or other items you use are completely stable. If you’re looking for some office workout equipment, you may like to review this pros and con article that recommends several small, lightweight exercise items.

How your work diet shapes your health

Work lunches are usually rushed things. We reach out and grab the nearest fuel to get us to the end of the day. Who has the time to think or spend the evening planning meals for tomorrow? There must be an easier way, right?

Loading up with poor foods damages health and your ability to think and perform, adding unnecessary calories, fat, and sugar. The Fit2Go menu is designed to eliminate all these problems (not to mention the labor of preparing work lunch yourself).

Our choices offer low carb to no carb, protein boosts, and paleo meals while catering to meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans. You can customize your meals online and have perfectly portioned, pre-prepped food delivered right to your door. No sweat when it comes to packing tomorrow’s work lunch and no chance of overdoing the calories or fat.

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